Initial consultation :
  • 1. Health and Spinal History
  • 2. Weight Distribution
  • 3. X-rays (if clinically required*)
  • 4. Nerve Function Scan
  • 5. Blood Pressure and Oxygen Levels
  • 6. Initial Postural Analysis
  • 7. Postural Measurements
  • 8. Heart Rate Variability
  • 9. EMG Spinal Muscle Scan
  • 10. Detailed Muscle and Joint Palpation

The thorough and extensive 45 minute Initial Consultation consists of :

1. Health and Spinal History

The medical history, family history, past and present. Aches, pains, disfunction, known mobility issues, traumas, accidents, and symptoms are recorded on a time-line. Key health factors are also discussed and noted to cover all major systems of the body.

2. Initial Postural Analysis

A posture analysis and weight distribution measurement helps to identify postural imbalances, compensations and biomechanical issues creating extra pressure on joints and ligaments and things such as compression of nerves and internal organs.

3. Weight Distribution

An initial palpation of the spine is done, fully clothed, whilst conducting the above posture analysis and weight distribution measurements to correlate the shape and overall direction of the joints, spine and structure.

4. Postural Measurements

A set of high resolution pictures are taken of your posture from the front and from the side using a dedicated tablet. Special software, analyses the pictures and creates a detailed and objective report showing degrees of deviation from the expected standard.

5. X-rays (if clinically required)

X-rays are taken next (if clinically required) to get a deeper understanding of the condition of the vertebrae and shape of the spine to ensure, treatment is safe and that the corrective steps of the healing plan are tailored to the specific needs of the client.

6. Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability is measured using a special scanner to establish an objective base line reading of your stress levels as expressed through the nervous system. This allows for clear before and after readings as treatment progresses.

7. Nerve Function Scan

Another scanner designed initially for astronauts, allows us to take a thermal neurological scan to measure nerve function and see if your central nervous system is over-working or under-performing in certain areas, graphically outputting the results.

8. EMG Spinal Muscle Scan

An Electromyography (EMG) scan is performed to measure activity of the skeletal muscles. This objectively tracks if muscles are over exerting, or under-performing based on the electrical currents emitted by the muscles.

9. Blood Pressure and Oxygen Levels

Blood pressure is measured to determine if you have hypertension. Oxygen levels are measured to understand how well your heart’s working and if you have high enough oxygen level in the blood. Oxygenated blood, flowing at the right pressure, is vital for overall health and in particular the brain as it controls the central nervous system.

10. Detailed Muscle and Joint Palpation

A complete top-to-bottom detailed palpation checks for muscle tone, mobility of the joints and locations where nerve impingement is occurring. Muscles and nerves are examined together to reveal tensions, trigger points, and other type of muscular-skeletal and neurological disfunction.


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